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Effective business strategies only work when you choose one course of action and cut off all other options.  That’s why it’s so difficult to get right.  It demands deep thinking, consensus, understanding, passion and commitment.  NDMC Consulting can help your enterprise to make informed decisions around its business strategy and model.  We work with exec teams to equip organizations with the designs, methods, and tools needed to make economic engines turn. We:

Gain insights into markets and propositions

Curate and articulate business strategy, forming actionable plans

Maximize customer value and experience, mimimize operating costs

 Key Services

DevOps & DX

We work with you to shape your digital transformation one application at a time by leveraging the latest thinking, methods and tools.


Our remote DevOps teams use low-code and codeless application development methods and the latest technologies to achieve your digital ambitions.

Enterprise IT

Our enterprise consultants and technicians will work with your in-house resources to maximize the value and potential of enterprise technologies.


Don’t be left behind. Experience how cloud platforms are engineering digital transformation

Enterprise 2.0

How are Enterprise Systems evolving to serve a broadening audience of stakeholders in an always-on, remote working environment? Read our latest article. Enterprise Computing—When the World Was Flat During the 1980’s and 1990’s, enterprise computing was characterized...

The GlueWare Game-Changer

You might have a great e-commerce front-end, but what happens once your buyer clicks the buy button? Modern data science and cloud technologies are making it possible for organizations to re-think their Enterprise Systems by extending features and functions with...

Journey to the Cloud

Don’t get left behind. Experience how cloud platforms are engineering digital transformationThe birth of cloud computingGoogle has a deserving reputation for being an innovative company. Partly, that innovation comes from giving their people room to explore their...

Making Ends Meet

Does your website or e-commerce shop integrate with your back-office systems and processes? If not, you could be facing an unnecessarily high cost of sale. A modern ‘glueware platform’ might just be the answer. It binds your front-of-house into your back-office...

Living with Robots in 2021

How can your humans benefit from digital assistants? In this article we explore whether businesses can live in harmony with (or, indeed, live without) robots.According to McKinsey Global Institute, ‘While less than 5 percent of all occupations can be automated...

Powering Curiosity

We live in a data driven business world. How do you tap into yours?It’s thought Jeff Bezos was the first person to use the term Innovation Value Management (IVM) to describe data as a business asset based on its contributory value. If it wasn’t Jeff, then it was...

FUSION Versus DevOps—Why the World of Digital Transformation Will Change in 2021

According to the latest thinking by Gartner, DevOps teams are about to get displaced in the enterprise by FUSION teams.Many firms pursuing distributed delivery are using “fusion teams” to bring together IT and business employees to develop digital solutions. As fusion...

Innovation Factory

How business are set to become innovation factories in 20212021—The Year of Digital PlatformsIn its 2019 FutureScale outlook focusing on ‘Digital Supremacy’ IDC argued that operating as a software-driven "digital innovation factory" will be at the core of an...

Re-Inventing the Art of Agile

Agile software development has been around for a while now. Discover how low-code and no-code software development tools are transforming the discipline of agile development.The challenges of developing software applicationsA level of trial and error can be expected...

How ML/AI is changing the world one process at a time

The opportunity for machine learning in your enterprise Machine learning is a genre of computing formed around computer programs able to learn for themselves without being explicitly programmed. It’s been around for decades, but only in the last few years has it...